Helpful Homebuying Resources Are you eligible for any of the following programs? Click on the links after the description of each type, and should you choose for us to assist you, we can!

Were you in the Military?  Your Service to our country may allow you to purchase a home with no money down, and very little closing costs.  Most mortgage companies love to work with Veterans!  To see if you qualify, click on these links:

Federal Benefits

State Benefits

Are you a first-time homebuyer?  Do you have the income and qualify for a mortgage, but don’t have quite enough for a down payment?  There are some programs that may help you!  The City of San Antonio has a course that they offer starting at the beginning of their fiscal year, which may enable you to receive down payment assistance.  The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation also have programs.  However, income limits do apply.  See the links for more information.


First Time Buyer Grants

Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs

Not a first-time homeowner?  Do you have the income and qualify for a mortgage, but don’t have enough for a down payment?  The SETH 5 Star Texas Advantage Program could work for you.  Click the link below.

SETH 5 Star Texas Advantage Program

Interested in a property in rural Bexar County?  There may be assistance for you as well!  Click on the link below for information on what assistance is available from the USDA.

USDA Real Housing Assistance

So, you have everything together, except the closing costs?  There is a possibility of assistance for that, also.  Security Service Federal Credit Union currently has a program that may assist you with up to $5,000 in closing costs.  Membership eligibility may be required.  Click below to find out more.

Closing Costs Program